You won’t believe this one thing facebook tracks about you

Facebook tracks everything. You’re not safe anywhere. They even track people who’ve never had a facebook account. They mine your data and then use it to sell you shit you don’t need or want. You can’t escape it. If you don’t live in a secluded cabin in the middle of the woods with no internet, your shit out of luck.

Nothing is sacred to this goliath ad-machine that we’ve let consume every aspect of our lives.

They shamelessly capitalize on your major life events: marriage, death, having a child, moving, etc. They study your habits and show you ads for things they think you’ll buy. And guess what? Chances are you’ll eventually buy something.

People often forget that Facebook also owns instagram and whatsapp. Both give them access to even more data about you.

You can’t escape. Your entire life is on facebook regardless if whether or not you post anything.

Zuckerberg is a money-hungry lizard man in a human skin suit that will shamelessly sell your info.

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