This Is Your House On Meth

When should you talk to your house about meth? You should talk to your house about meth as soon as you can. It’s is going to fuck up your house’s teeth. Here’s so more info.

Your House On Meth

This widespread epidemic is even worse than when your kids started snorting condoms. Your house smoking that Sweet Crystal Speed could result in some serious issues like;

  1. property value going down
  2. your neighbors wondering if you’re running a crack house
  3. and worst of all: house meth-mouth

Get your house some help. Take it to house rehab. Do you want to live in a house with methmouth? No? Didn’t think so. Maybe your house wouldn’t be smoking that Sweet Crystal if you didn’t drink while you were pregnant Debbie.  Maybe if your house got some positive attention at home it wouldn’t have turned to drugs Debbie.

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