Snorting Condoms: The New Internet Challenge

If your kid is snorting condoms, you have failed as a parent.

Forget about drugs, apparently, your kids are snorting condoms. Maybe you should have used one Sheryl.

Lol but for realz, you clicked this bullshit, so I don’t care about the rest of this article. Now i’ve got to fill out this bullshit article with bullshit content so that I can hit that sweet seo word limit and increase my chances of getting you to click on this bullshit link. You fell for it jackass. Hows it feel? Feels bad, doesn’t it?

Anyway, I’m drunk and I’m running out of words to fill this article with. My hands are tired and I don’t feel like writing.  Damn. Only 117 words in. Need like 200 more to make it. Fuck. Fuckedy fuck McFuckenson. Shit fuck ballsack fuckeroo. I still don’t even have 150 words yet. Hope the poor google employee who has to moderate this gets a chuckle out of it at least. Do they even read the things that get flagged? I’m not sure. I’d google it but I honestly don’t care enough. Ok, getting closer; at 184 now. Motherfucker. I’m bored. This isn’t fun anymore.

girl snorting condoms
girl snorting condom

All I wanted was to write a quick article about kids snorting condoms. And why not? That’s hilarious. Some dumb ass kids who probably don’t even know how to properly use a condom because the education system in this country failed them snorting condoms on youtube for likes. Their grandchildren will see that and feel the cringe across generations because you know they’ll have grandchildren. They obviously don’t know how to properly use condoms, and so their kids won’t either; hence their high probability of having grandchildren.

Wow, that was one hell of a tangent. I’m drunker now than when I started writing this. Thank fuck for autocorrect or this would be an illegible shit pile instead of just a regular shit pile. At least their not doing meth.

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