Clickbait You Can Trust? Check It Out ;)

Could There Really Be Such A Thing?

Welcome to Click Bait Ninja. Unlike those other clickbait sites that operate under the guise of being real content, we’re honest about our content. We know you didn’t come here for top-tier articles; you clicked one of our links because you were scrolling through Facebook on the toilet and needed to kill a minute.

Ads Annoying You?

If you’re wondering whether or not we placed an ad somewhere your meaty fingers would accidentally click on purpose; the answer is yes. We did that. On purpose. Should you be mad about it? That my dear reader, is up to you. We’re bloggers and the only money we make is through ads. So why wouldn’t we try to trick you into clicking them? We’re hungry and your accidental click means we can afford a cup of ramen today. So thank you in advance for accidentally clicking an ad and frantically trying to click back.

So How Does This Site Operate?

We choose flashy titles and intriguing thumbnail images that draw you in and make you want to click on one of our posts. We try our best to not try too hard at writing articles. We unapologetically have lots of crappy content that isn’t *technically* misleading so that Google doesn’t flag us or take away that sweet ad money. This practice is called Click Bait.

An Example Of A Click Bait Thumbnail
An Example Of A ClickBait Thumbnail

We’ve Done Our Homework On How To Click Bait

We’ve studied the pioneers of click-baiting like: buzzfeed, the onion, lifehacker, and clickhole. With a little internet stalking, we discovered many of their tricks and methods of creating tantalizing links that you just can’t resist clicking, paired with an ad infrastructure that’s optimized to get that sweet sweet ad $$.

Have fun reading our bullshit articles!

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