What Will Marketers Think of Next: “Nunc” The $190 Watch That Doesn’t Tell Time

Proof that marketers will try to sell you anything, and that someone somewhere will buy it.

A screenshot of someone messaging Nunc's marketing team saying 'I think you need a dictionary that's not a watch it's a bracelet' and Nunc responded with a novel length message about how it's more than a watch it's a lifestyle and a philosophy blah blah blah
A screenshot of an ad marketers made for the Nunc Watch

I wish I was making this up, but I’m not. You can actually pay $190 of your hard earned money for a fake watch. That’s not even the best part of this whole thing: the marketing team’s responses to being called out on this is so artfully done that even I am impressed with how well this company can articulate why they have decided to design and manufacture a ‘watch’ that doesn’t tell time. It’s the highest tier of bullshitting that is physically possible to achieve.

When Marketers Try Supper Hard to Bullshit You

Like come on. It’s not some huge philosophical message. The item is certainly not worth the price. Like come on there’s no way the materials and labor needed to make this “watch” cost anywhere near how much they’re trying to sell it for.

You know what’s even funnier? I wrote this article over a year ago and it still appears on the front page of google if you search for “Nunc watch”. Lmao that must rustle some jimmies for whoever does the SEO & online marketing for this product.

Why am I Writing This Article?

Elementary my deer. You probably won’t read this thing at all. You’ll look at the memes up top, click an ad if I’m lucky and go on your merry way. It’s all about that sweet Ad $$ baby.

I have to fill out this article with some bullshit to hit my word count so it’ll be more likely to be seen by your monkey brain. I’m getting bored and I don’t feel like writing more. Ugh. Am I done yet? No? Still a few more words? Ok. We good.

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