Ikea Came Out With A New Clothing Line, But You Have To Put The Clothes Together Yourself

Of course, since this is a clickbait article, I wrote the title before anything else because that’s all people read anyway but MY GOD after a google image search for “Ikea Clothing Line” to get a thumbnail, I’m thoroughly traumatized.

So Here Are Some Gems From The Search (Ikea)

Ikea BDSM Swim Suit Ikea Choker & Wallet Ikea Bag Thong Ikea Bathing Suits


There is a fucking bag thong. I’m so disappointed in humanity at the discovery of this image that I can’t even begin to articulate the deep disgust and loathing I feel looking at these very cursed images. The fact that these fuckers had the AUDACITY to make oven mitt bras makes me see fucking red. I did not need this today.

Check out IkeaHackers.net for more fuckery like this ^^

The Real Clothing Line

This is honestly one of the worst fashion trends I’ve seen to date. This doesn’t even have anything to do with the real Ikea Clothing Line, which is actually kind of nice looking and despite my clickbait ass title you DO NOT, in fact, have to assemble the clothes yourself. 

Anyway, the point of the article has been made. I’m tired but and I want to go home but I still have to fill the rest of this post with some fluff. Feel free to stop reading. Obligatory internal link to:

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I’m running out of things to write about. What’s the point of life? Under the rules of Christianity, do butterflies go to heaven? Do snails? Snails are bros. I reaaaallllyyy dont feel like doing life today. I feel like sitting at home in my underwear, drinking wine and watching netflix. Pretty soon, after I’m done writing this bullshit I’ll be doing exactly that. Just a few more words to go. I can do this. Sprint to the finish line. AAaaaannnndd . . . Done. Bye fucjers.

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