Rubik’s Cube If you consume an entire, your IQ will go up 10 Points

Rubik's Cube
Rubik’s Cube


Do it you fucking sheeple, eat the Rubik’s Cube . . . Eat a god damn Cube because I fucking told you to. Will it actually make you smarter? In the interest of getting you to actually do it, yes. It does.

Consuming an entire Rubik’s cube will make you at least 10 IQ points smarter.

What? You don’t think someone’ll actually try this?

In the age of eating tide pods, tampons, and drinking bleach I’m pretty sure I can convince at least one idiot on the internet to eat a Rubik’s cube.

It doesn’t even matter which end you put it in, the important part is getting the ENTIRE Rubik’s cube inside of you. The more Rubik’s cubes you consume, the smarter you’ll get.

[insert link to Kickstarter for Rubik’s cube suppositories]

Why do I keep writing these articles? Is this even fun anymore? No ones even going to read this far so I can say whatever I want.

Furthermore, I think anyone who draws furry porn should be put to sleep. There. I said it.

Fuck. Have I hit word count yet? 

Well, even I’m not interested in this enough to proofread it so I’m going to hit post and hope for the best. 

I’m just going to keep rambling on because I know that no one will get this far into the post anyway. And if you did, I’m sorry that this is where your life is at right now. Please consider therapy. 

I still have to hit the stupid word count so I’m adding this sentence. What else is there to say about eating a fucking roobicks coob? I’m getting bored with this. I hate writing these but I need the money.

Please share this post with your friends. I am a humble blog writer and I would like to be able to afford a whole box of ramen noods this month. 

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