Taylor Swift Lost The Rights to Her Music.

Idk what actually happened when Taylor Swift lost the rights to her music, but that’s not going to stop me from cashing in on those clicks baby.

So if you’re old and out of the loop, Taylor Swift is a hollywood music person that used to be a country star but is now a pop icon. Everyone kinda hates her for no real reason, or maybe there is something problematic about her. Idk and I don’t care enough to google it.

Anyway here’s what she looks like:

Taylor Swift headshot before Taylor Swift lost the rights to her music

She’s known for looking %100 flawless all the time and also people think she’s a snake for some reason? All the information I have about taylor swift is form shitposts by angry teens I saw during my tumblr days but I quit that site after they got rid of the porn.

I heard from an unverified source that she knew this was going to happen way ahead of time but someone sold the rights to someone she didn’t want? Or something?

Anyway I don’t give that much of a fuck about this at all. I mean I feel bad for her, this is a shitty thing but like come on. It doesn’t actually affect me at all.

Some of her music is good, but I’m not like a supper huge fan. Nothing wrong with her, she’s just not my favorite.

So, If Taylor Swift Actually Lost The Rights to Her Music . . .

That sucks hardcore. I wonder if she’ll start calling herself “The artist formerly known as Taylor Swift”. Lmao I hope they don’t have her name trademarked. That would suuuccckkk for her.

Like this is a supper shitty thing to happen even if she knew in advance. Like this is her life’s work. Doesn’t matter if you like her or hate her, this is just another example of hollywood fucking over it’s talent.

Anyway, here’s some Real News™ sites that have covered the story:

When it comes to artists losing the rights to their songs, Taylor Swift is hardly alone – CNN

Taylor Swift is furious at the sale of her master tapes – but she’s luckier than most – The Guardian

Taylor Swift laments sale of album rights to music manager she says ‘bullied’ her – ABC News

Taylor Swift’s attorney says the singer never had the chance to buy her catalog ‘outright’ – USA Today

If You’re Like Me & Don’t Give Half-A-Fuck About This . . .

Here’s some nonsense time-wasting clickbait to check out:

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