Is McDonald’s Selling Candles Scented Like Quarter Pounder Ingredients?

So, is McDonald’s selling candles? Yes. They actually are. Why? Because they have Fuck You Money and their marketers can just throw ideas at the wall and see what sticks.

If you’re wondering why they’d do this, it’s because people are going to click on articles like this one.

is mcdonald's selling candles

Why is McDonald’s Selling Candles? Scents are the Strongest Memory Triggers Humans Have

Even if you simply read a bullshit clickbait article like this one about burger-scented-candles the memory of those scents will come to mind and you’ll start craving that addictive dumpster food.

You’ll be more likely to go buy McDonald’s food if they pull a PR stunt like this.

This is Actually Impressively Good Marketing & It’s Fucked Up

Who’s actually going to buy these stupid things you may wonder? Won’t McDonald’s loose money on manufacturing these stupid things?


Of course there’ll be a few idiots who buy this crap but that’s not why they made the candles.

Think about how the purchase of these candles would go. You could buy it as a gag gift and whenever your recipient smells the candles in their house, they’re more likely to crave a burger.

You might buy them as a funny decoration in your house and have a perpetual reminder of that greasy, addicting, delicious burger.

You might visit someone’s house who has them and get hungry for a McDonald’s burger.

You might even just see it flash by on your shitty facebook feed and get hungry because, and this is the sinister part, they mention the scent of a specific, and widely popular item. Just hearing about the scent of a quarter pounder will bring the memory of what it smells like to the front of your mind.

This is how they’ll get you.

Why Should You Give a Fuck Though?

You shouldn’t. You probobly won’t even get to the bottom of this post if you read any of it at all.

Healthier Options

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The One Actual Use of these:

A Christmas present for someone you hate. Is there someone you hate, but are obligated to interact with on the holidays? Do they have a new years reservation for “getting in shape”? Did they just buy a shiny new gym membership?

Then slide this fast-food-ad of a gift into their stocking this year!

Source: The Guardian

McDonald’s: Your welcome for the free ink you cynical fucks.

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