Stuff to do When You’re Stuck Inside

We’re all fucked up because of the Carona Virus (COVID-19) and I know a lot of us are bored as FUCK. So I thought I’d make a list of stuff to do when you’re stuck inside.

Clean You’re Fucking House

Here’s how you do it: Get a bunch of bleach and pour it all over some shit. IDK how to clean so maybe this isn’t a good idea. You should google it. I won’t because I don’t feel like it and you’re not going to read this anyway.

Read the Content of a Clickbait Post from Start to Finish

Could you do this? Do you have the mental stamina to read through the chaotic fuckery that is contained within the posts on this site? I bet you can’t. I bet you don’t even lift. Fucking Pussy.

Run out of Things to do When You’re Stuck Inside

I’ve gone through all my social media feeds, watched all the netflix and beat all my songs on spodify to death. I can’t go out, or do anything. I’m so fucking bored. That’s the only actual reason I’m writing this AT ALL.

You think I’d really do this shit if I had anything better to do? Fuck no. This is me passing the time by rambling on a site where no one will read whateverthefuck i wrote.

More Stuff to do When You’re Stuck Inside: Realize Porn isn’t Even Good Anymore

What is with all the fucking incest porn? Like what the hell? I just want to see two people who aren’t related to each other fuck. Is that so much to ask of the internet? Like MY GOD.

Eat Pints of Ice Cream While Sobbing on the Kitchen Floor

There’s no shame in a little sad ice cream time. It’s ok buddy, just eat the ice cream and chill.

Stuff to do When You're Stuck Inside
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