Will Alex Jones Eats His Neighbors?

Will Alex Jones eats his neighbors?

Well, not for a while according to him. He’s got enough food stocked up to last a long time before he’ll need to resort to consuming the flesh of the living.

I mean this wasn’t the virus zombie apocalypse we were promised, but Alex Jones is making the most of it by planning on a little people munching anyway. I mean who among us wouldn’t eat our neighbors in a desperate fight for survival against apocalypse induced starvation?

Let’s Be Clear; We Aren’t Judging Alex Jones

I mean, unlike the useless US government at least he has a plan. I mean those fuckers in Washington are making this shit up as they go along and Jones has stated that in a year or two he’ll be eating his neighbors after his supplies run out.

He Planned Way Better than the US Government, I’ll Give him that.

I mean he’s thought this through at least. And lets be honest, with the current state of getting groceries it’s not unreasonable for one to consider consuming the flesh of their fellow humans at some point.

Like i mean he might be crazy but he’ll definitely out live his non-cannibal neighbors.

So, Will Alex Jones Eats his Neighbors?

Maybe. Maybe not. Only Alex Jones and his eaten and/or uneaten neighbors can say for sure.

One thing is for sure though, all of them are probobly freaking the fuck out wondering who he’ll eat first.

Or maybe there’ll be a plot twist and they’ll eat him instead. Or maybe they’ll all just try to eat each other.

Or MAYBE all of us are just kinda fucked. Maybe in the end, we’ll all end up eating our neighbors.

Sort of poetic isn’t it?

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