Are Vaccines Safe (COVID-19)? I’m not qualified but neither is buzzfeed

Lol Are Vaccines Safe? I have no fucking idea why you’d be trusting information from any site thats not run by actual professionals but here we are. Are they safe? I’ve got no horse in this race I’m just writing this for the tasty clicks like everyone else, I’m just the only one being honest about it.

But . . . I’ll gladly contribute to the chaos. Who the fuck cares at this point. The world is on fire, except its not if you just go literally outside. Human beings are doing the same stupid shit we’ve always done, talk shit and freak out during a crisis instead of doing anything useful.

I have no opinions, or information to offer you in these trying times.

Ask a fuckin doctor or scientist if you want real information.

are vaccines safe

But since you’re here, I’ll give you my take on: Are Vaccines Safe or Not?

Well, I can definitely say that I know people have gotten vaccinated before and didn’t die. I know some people got side effects. I have no idea how many people vaccines have fucked up and I’m not gona google it, that’s your job. Probably how you ended up here. And I’m polluting the search results with my fuckery.

You’re welcome

I have no idea what’s going on and you probably don’t either. Life is chaos, just lean into the entropy. Its ok we all die eventually and someday the earth will be engulfed by the sun and we’ll all be dead and none of this will matter. Everyone you’ve ever known or loved will have any traces of their being incinerated. We are nothing. We are dust. We are inconceivably tiny in the grand scheme of the universe.

This post is likely not going to age well about 3 seconds after I hit post. But I love chaos so fuck it.

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