What the Fuck Even is this Site?

Welcome to Click Bait Ninja.

One night I was drinking and feeling pretty nihilistic about the fact that I spend so much time and effort trying to create meaningful and useful things on the internet and assholes who give zero fucks about the quality of their work make shit like this and get them sweeet $$$ while I at the time didn’t make jack shit.

So I’m a UX Designer and this terrible creation was an experiment to see how well I could create click bait and see how popular I could make this crap site. I also wanted to see if I could make money off of ads but it turns out ad money is peanuts if you’re not one of the big players in the click bait space.

About the Content

Most of the articles you see on this site were written while I was drunk, high, or feeling particularly mischievous.

The fucked up part is that this site does get actual traffic and I could scale it but the bounce rate is always upwards of 90% simply because there is nothing of real value in this dumpster fire.

About the Ads

If you’ve had the misfortune of visiting this site on mobile I’m sure you noticed that the ads do that annoying thing where they pop up right under your finger and you click them by accident. Yes I did that on purpose, and no I’m never going to fix it.

I also made a post or two jammed with amazon affiliate links, but no one bought anything so they shut my affiliate account down. Buy stuff or don’t I really don’t care.

About Reddit

I get a lot of traffic from reddit but since everything on this damn hellsite is spam I’m now banned from about 400~ different subreddits and I don’t blame the mods for doing it.

My shit is so spammy I get my own posts reported TO ME on my Click Bait Ninja Subreddit.

About the User Experience

I studied all the clickbait masters to see if I could find a formula for click bait and exploit the shit out of it. And I did. And it worked. A little too well.

My heros include but are not limited to;

Buzzfeed, We Hear It, Facebook, Tech Crunch, Hacker News, Medium, & Every Slideshow Site Ever.

All of it is purposefully terrible.

About the Email List

No one has ever signed up for it. I don’t even know what I would do with an email list because how the hell do you put ads in an email? I don’t know and I don’t care enough to google it.

If you have someone you hate though, shoot their email my way and I might make sure it ends up in the hands of honry singles in their area.

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